Clay County Memorial Hospital
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Clay County Memorial Hospital



By 2018 Clay County Memorial Hospital Foundation will be the recognized leader in their support of Clay County Memorial Hospital in the delivery of healthcare services to the citizens of Clay County.


To support and promote Clay County Memorial Hospital creating a vibrant and healthy Clay County for future generations.


The purpose for which this corporation is organized is to provide financial support to Clay County Memorial Hospital to ensure the hospital remains open and that persons in and around Clay County will continue to receive appropriate medical care. The Foundation will assist Clay County Memorial Hospital with facility maintenance, improvement projects, and purchase of equipment, physician recruitment, and other areas of support. All of the purposes included in the Articles of Incorporation are included as the corporate purposes as a part of the by-laws.

Giving Options:

Donations are tax deductible and may be made in several forms, including cash, securities, real estate, and bequests. When a Memorial or in honor of an individual gift is made acknowledgments are sent. By making a contribution to CCMH Foundation, you are joining others in a commitment to support the hospital’s mission of providing an environment that promotes quality medical care.

Foundation Board Members

Deborah Clark
Chairman / Member
Bobby Reese
Vice Chairman / Member
Jeff Pierce
Secretary / Member
Hank Bullinger
Liz Kesler
Murl Nelms
Cindy Dean
Lee Gunter
Bill Knowlton
Sharon Fitts
Jeff Huskey
Hospital Administrator
Sheree Evangelista
T M C Representative
Shirley Visintainer
Auxiliary Representative

Tree of Life

CCMH Foundation Tree of Life

Purchasing a leaf on the Foundation's Tree of Life will memorialize a loved one and will help insure the hospital's stability for generations to come. The tree of life is located in the front lobby across from the elevators.

Foundation Growth Chart

CCMH Foundation growth chart