We want your stay at CCMH to be a positive experience. We encourage you to ask questions regarding anything you do not understand. It is our intent to provide service of the highest quality and to provide kind, compassionate care with appreciation for the profound dignity of each person.

Pre-Admission & Registration

Your procedure will be scheduled by your physician’s office. We ask that you contact the hospital as soon as possible after your procedure has been scheduled in order to pre-register. Pre-registration prior to the date of service will decrease the amount of processing time on the actual day of your procedure and ensure that your insurance pre-authorization requirements have been met. Any pre-admission lab test or x-rays that are necessary for your procedure will be arranged by your surgeon, primary physician or the hospital pre-admitting staff prior to the date of your procedure.

Be sure to notify your physician of any prescription or over-the-counter medications which you routinely take for conditions, such as blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease etc. A list of all medications, dietary supplements and herbal medications you are taking will also be needed during your pre-admission visit. Remember, do not eat or drink anything, including water after midnight the night prior to your surgery. This is a surgical precaution and failure to observe this precaution could cause your procedure to be canceled.

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CCMH Family Medicine Clinics are accepting new patients in both locations.